Our Current Favorites

Here’s the best of what we’re listening to / reading / watching right now:

 [ Mike ]


   Of Montreal – False Priest

  Punch Brothers – Antifogmatic

  Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus

  The Strokes – First Impressions of Earth

  Modest Mouse – We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

  Sarah Bareilles – Kaleidoscope Heart


  (Recently read or currently reading)

  Clotaire Rapaille – The Culture Code

  Martin Amis – House of Meetings

  Paolo Bacigalupi – The Windup Girl

  William Gibson – Spook Country

  T. C. Boyle – When the Killing’s Done

  (Particularly good and/or noteworthy)

  Barbara Kingsolver – The Lacuna

  Charlie Smith – Three Delays

  Jon Armstrong – Yarn

      fashionpunk sci-fi

  Susan Heyboer O’Keefe – Frankenstein’s Monster

      Sequel to Mary Shelly’s novel


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